martes, 8 de marzo de 2011

Integrating the web

Using web resources in our lessons is not as easy as it seems, but we, teachers, are used to complicated endeavors, aren’t we? I’d say that we have to think of lots of details in our daily teaching practice. When we think of an activity that might be useful for our learners to practice some language point, or develop some skill, we already spend some time thinking of the most appropriate ways to incorporate such activity into the plan of the lesson. Now, web resources add an extra difficulty, in my opinion: we should train our learners to handle the resources we want them to use to achieve the goals of the class. You might think that most learners are even better users of a handful of web tools; however, they may not be using them for learning purposes, but for mere fun.

When I look for web resources, I don’t really pay attention to the URL of the sites I log on. That’s what I’ve done so far, I mean. For some strange reason, I had the feeling that .org websites were not reliable, and that they were supported, most of the times, very specific causes, which were out of the English Teaching field. The truth is that I had never stopped to think about such a tiny detail as the URL of a site; now I do, and, yes, I have looked through quite a few .orgs that are very good, and that offer some great contents.

I also used to think of web teaching and learning resources as plain internet sites that provided materials for teachers who wanted to have ready-to-take solutions for their lessons. I knew that internet is the greatest source of authentic materials; I think I just didn’t have the willingness/eagerness to do something about my natural predisposition against using the web for learning purposes.

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  1. Well, most new things require training. In the case of technology it seems a whole lot because of the quantity of web resources available and new ones popping up by the second ( and I am not exaggerating here)...The Internet is more than a wide arrange of super cool websites we can use with our students, we can also become creators and offer our students materials tailored for their needs and interests...and sometimes it only requires a few clicks here and there; some others require patience and time to learn, but it is worth giving it a try...